Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bedlum in Pictou!

"Three"-The Admiral when asked on a scale of 1-10 how excited he was to race.

We had no reason to think that this triathlon would be any different than the others. Wow! we're we ever wrong. Today's blog counts down the Top 5 moments of last weekend's Pictou County Triathlon.

5. Race to the boat- When the triathlon was over we didn't have much time before leaving for the boat. Due to a couple of circumstances that you will hear about later, it quickly became an every man for himself race to the boat. Kris and I(in my car) led for most with anne(driving her car with the admiral, trace, and cole) right on our heals. With 2k to go a van full of kids came up the outside at about 150km/h to finish just in front. As we got ushered onto the boat Kris looked back to see the pylon going in front of anne. "oh frig..the admiral isn't getting on." After a few moments the admiral was ushered onto the boat and the door went up. Sucks to have to play the Tdisc card but you do what you have to do.

4.Pat's Crash-Fellow Triathlete Pat Ellis went down going into corner 1 on the bike. We're not exactly sure on the details of the accident but we do know she was left with a broken nose and broken hand. It's a bad feeling when the ambulance goes flying by. We wish Pat a speedy recovery!

3.Admirals lost wallet-The main reason for the dash to the boat. Just as we were about to leave, a worn out admiral announced that his wallet was missing. Not sure where it was Trace got on the phone to the hotel. The search was now on at the Comfort inn. Looking for numbers to the hotel we decided to bring in Wayne from Emyvale. He was now calling back with numbers that we already had found. 10 minutes later the admiral reached into the back seat and pulled out is wallet.

2.TDP's Crash-I came out of the water with an ok swim. I knew I was middle of the pack which I expected. Knowing my bike is my strong point I came out of the transition really looking to make up some time. So as I climbed the first hill I decided to wait and take in some water on the way down the hill. I became a little too complacent and lost control at about 35km/h. I was sent tumbling across the shoulder and onto the side of the road. Covered in dirt and road rash I got up and looked over my bike. There were a few minor twists that I got straightened out then it was decision time. I remember one rider clearly telling me..."it's not far to go back." I had 2 choices...quit...or finish my 4th triathlon. I finished in 2h40m.

1. Admirals Dump- It's well known around Tdisc that the admiral never uses the bathroom. He just doesn't! When tdisckree sat into stall 1 and the admiral pulled into stall 2....he knew something wasn't right. "Is that you admiral?" TDK asked. "Yep...I'm not feeling good." The admiral replied. When TDK came out he wasn't long getting over to me...."holy frig...the admiral is in taking a dump. He must be some fricken sick!"

Tdk- 9th 2:26:42
Admiral 10th 2:28:44
TDP- 16th 2:39:43
Trace-17th 1:22:55

"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Burn out!

"Let's train's going to rain some day and we won't be able too."- Coach Tdisckree

Well....I took his advice and Burnt myself out! That rainy day was too long coming. It was yesterday that I sat down and could hardly get myself back up. I just felt tired and unmotivated. I struggled through the whole morning at work before climbing right under the covers at lunch time. I literally passed out in bed for an hour before getting up feeling much better and knowing exactly that I was suffering from burn out. I began to feel better as the afternoon wore on. That's when I decided that I needed an outdoor swim. Wowzers!

So i've attempted to go out to Rustico with some fellow triathletes for a couple weeks but was unable to until last night. Even though I was slightly burnt out I though "i'm a won't be too bad." We swam the first 750m resting at each buoy. That was no I was just a bit back. The next 750 was a different story. The boys put the hammer down with no stops. I was just givener trying to keep up. As my goggles began to leak I closed my left eye just as my right one began to fog up. Not only was I pulling to the left, but I couldn't even frickin see. Half sick from all the salt water the thoughts of retirement began to surface. I arrive at the dock to see coach tdisckree standing on the dock. "sorry, I knew u were back there but I had to try and survive myself." Tdisckree said while reaching out to give me a pull up onto the dock. I couldn't get legs began to cramp, and my feet were cut from buoy 2 and I was low! Finally kree pulled me up by the back of my wetsuit while saying "get the frig up here."

After the swim we decided to go for a run. Having no supper...I searched kree's car for some kind of food. of timbits! Hammering down 4 timbits I followed the boys out on the run. Bad idea! As I reached the 1st climb I began to burp up surgar timbits and salt water. oh frig....what a nightmare! "aww frig...I can't puke in front of these guys...Jeez!" I thought as I reached the top. It wasn't until the halfway point that I began to get my legs. It was a pure battle. The coach and I climbed in the car and both took a deep breath before saying..."wow..good training run!" I often make the mistake of becoming too comfortable in training. This was what I needed!

I took the whole day off in preparation for the Pictou County Triathlon on Sunday. The lineup is as follows:

The Admiral (In)
Tdisckree (In)
TDP (In)
Tdisct(w) (In)
"C" Tdiscgreggy (out) (house)
Bull (out) (Home)

Slogan: "Anything can happen!"

Short bike and run tommorow night. Light run on Sat. Tri on Sunday!


"It's the journey that makes the destination worthwhile"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tdisc Changes Lives!!

(We're standing on the beach. In a pair a pair of tri shorts. That's it! The call has gone out...1 minute till the horn.)

Admiral: "did u ever think we'd see this day?" (looking down at his half see through tri shorts)
TDP: "Nope! Tdisc changes lives." (looking down at my skin tight spandex)

It's good to be back in the presence of Tdisc Nation! I want to thank all the fans for patiently sticking with me and my team throughout the break from the blog. I regret to inform you that Byron has stepped out of the way and has let bryan in. Following a major meltdown on the weekend, I decided to re-evaluate my life and the direction i've been going. My food addiction reached an alltime and my texting addiction led to sore thumbs. Following a run that felt like someone put ex lax in my coffee, I decided it was time to get back to my beloved Tdisc and our Fans.

Duncan Hadley Triathlon

Sratches: Tdiscgreggy "C" (Building a new house)
Coach TDK (Stag party)
Bull (Gone Home)

I sent a text to the admiral a week prior to the triathlon. "If you pull out then I will too." I got a quick and stern reply...."no...we're doing it!" That's why he's our big gun!
This time around we were much more relaxed. There were very little nerves from both of us leading up to the race. knowing that the admiral has us on a tight budget I was very skeptical about the idea of him booking the hotel. "The Prospect inn"...I need to say No more! The admiral who was disgusted by the dirty windows went straight to bed following our pregame meal at east sides. Myself....I decided to facebook and text. I was quite active on both which facinated the admiral. In a phone call to the coach, the admiral was quoted as saying "it's really need to see him in action." Later that evening I recieved an email from the captain. "I just wanted to let you know that tdisc is very proud of you and the admiral to step up and enter in this tri without the whole team. You guys trained hard and your both very ready. Just relax and enjoy the race.
Good luck boys kick some friggen ass!"

We woke up bright and early in preparation for the tri. We went through the usual setup of our transition area. Things were pretty hectic and rumours were beginning to swirl about it being a no wetsuit race. As I walked by the registration lodge I read it for myself..."No Wetsuits." I just kept walking right on by to the had sped up the process of getting rid of my chicken parm.
When I got back to the transition area the admiral had already gotten the word. "what are we going to wear?" I asked. "We can't wear shirts." replied the admiral. I thought to myself awww jeez...I can't go down there just in my spandex. Sure enough the next thing I knew we were standing on the beach with nothing on but goggles and spandex. Frig sakes!

My strategy again this year was to get out right in the middle of the washing machine. since i'm not a straight swimmer it is best for me to get in the middle so if I go left or right I run into someone. Sure enough that's what happened...I swear two people tried to catapult off me around the first buoy. I felt like I was swimming well but you still have no idea where you are at when in the water. As I came out of the water I gave a quick yank on the tights to leave a little to the fans imagination. I looked at my watch and saw that I was 34min in the water. I was really disappointed but I knew that it's a long race so I needed to get over it quickly. My first loop on the bike wasn't great but I gradually found a groove. I knew I was making great time and way ahead of last years time. I finished the bike in 1h13m. For those who have never ran off the feels like your legs are a hundred pounds and you have no stride! I battled through run for the first 2 loops before I really found a grove and cruised the final 2 loops. I finished in 2h40m. The admiral who had a great race finished in 2h35m. The mental games that occur throughout the race is unbelievable. Your legs want to shut down and you just have to find a way to keep going. As much as I didn't want to do the race i'm glad that I did it. It's an extremely tough race and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is awesome!

I was quite low all day yesterday and knew that I had to change something. I went to bed early in preparation of a tdisc morning run. With the admiral at home visiting the family the workouts tend to get canceled in the mornings. 6:00am I recieved a text from the coach..."canceled?" I layed in bed for a few minutes and then replied "nope!"
We went for a good long run which consisted of a route down around the waterfront. We wanted to check out the regis and kelly situation. It was great to see so many people out and about bright and early. It's been awhile since I recieved the runners high. As I was driving home I could feel that my morale had changed. I felt like I was on top of the world again. It's really hard to believe but Tdisc really does change lives. It was then that I decided to blog again. This blog was meant to encourage and that what i'm going to continue to do with it. My personal life has become quite busy but i've decided to blog on a weekly basis. Not sure on the exact days but I will blog at least once a week.

Tonight I was back at edfit! Feeling great I decided to bike in and then bike home. For those of you that have not tried outdoor edfit then I really encourage you to try it. It's a circuit workout!

A few housekeeping duties to take care of. Rumours are beginning to swirl that bull is officially done with Tdisc. We are working on getting confirmation from the bull himself. Also, all of us at Tdisc and would like to wish Happy Birthday to blog follower Karine! Tdisc thanks you for your valued support!

Alright, I'm off to bed! Back in the pool in the morning.


“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

Monday, May 17, 2010


It's been wayyyyy too long that i've been away from Tdisc nation. It's been a wild few months in Tdisc land. The season is upon us...with the relay only 2 weeks away panic has set in. What has changed.....Captain Tdiscgreggy is engaged. What hasn't changed....the admiral's want to be bagged morning after morning. Again, all credit goes to the admiral for getting us where we are today.

The bull has gone home in preparation for the season. We miss you bull....come back soon! As the slogan goes at tdisc...."He may not win the race, but he'll make the admiral win it!"

April 24th/10 is a day i'll never forget. I had reached the most mentally unstable point in my life. As I hit midweek in preparation for the 2nd race of the season I had made the decision that I would not be racing. The catch...I had not notified the team. I struggled the mornings leading up to look them in the eye knowing that I was going to bail on Saturday. On friday I skipped the team pregame run for what I called "some extra rest for the race." The thought of skipping the race pushed my food addiction to a whole knew level. With chicken fingers, licorice, and cold pizza in my stomach I tossed and turned as I set my alarm for 10am. I woke at 8 and never went back to sleep. I laid there in bed as the race began....Picturing the course...knowing where the boys were. I sat on the side of the bed...devastated that I hung my beloved tdisc out to dry. Bloated, tired, and bull low...I had hit rock bottem! The pain of a race was nothing to the pain I felt that morning. Never again...

All hitting pb's in the first race of the season Tdisc had reached a new level. Excitement is on the rise as we prepare for our second shot at the Red Island Relay. TDisc1 has decided to switch their rotation in hopes of dethroning tdisc1 of their silver medal. Two months ago the rumours began to swirl that the admiral was exploring options of a new partner, but just like last year they have brought it back together just in time.

That's enough for tonight....


"Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't dare."